The Team

Who We Are

Our mission is to build a community that supports the pursuit of achieving a healthy body, mind and spirit to live a fuller and happier life.

The Champions Yoga vision is one of happy, healthy individuals who can move through their days with energy and enthusiasm. 


Alaa Gerais


My passion is to teach people about health and wellness. As a Naturopathic medical student I hope to use my degree to help people dealing with chronic diseases find their way back to health. As a yoga instructor and practitioner, I know the importance of exercise and mediation. Teaching yoga for Champions yoga is how I connect with the community and teach clients the knowledge I have accumulated over the years when it comes to health and fitness. As a yoga student, it is in those moments of sweat and a powerful vinyasa flow where we find the Champion within.

Mikala headshot.jpeg

Mikala Nelson


Every one of my classes is an opportunity to listen to your body, and make your workout exactly what you need it to be. If you come to my class you can expect to feel inspired (not forced) to be the best version of yourself. Through showing my students love, giving them my energy and passion, establishing trust and staying committed to their growth I hope to provide a space that makes every person feel like a superhero.

Charles Dickens IV


I discovered yoga at 16 years old and attribute yoga to helping me mentally and physically. As an instructor, my intention is to ignite enthusiasm, transfer confidence and instill discipline into each client. Passionate about making the benefits of yoga and mindfulness more accessible. I am committed to helping others move through their days with energy and enthusiasm.

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